The Adventures of Amanda and Ashley (September 2018 – Present) | The Adventures of Amanda and Ashley Portfolio

  • Co-write and edit blog posts
  • Collaborate with other owner/editor to develop and identify potential content ideas
  • Manage and post content to social media accounts
  • Compose copy for social media posts
  • Take photographs to accompany blog posts and post on social media
  • Create logo for blog

Proceed Innovative (July 2018 – Present)

  • Compose 800- to 1000-word blog posts on assigned topics for client use
  • Rewrite copy from service pages with distinct wording for use on new service pages

Dat Winning (June 2018 – May 2019) | Dat Winning Portfolio

Junior Fellow
  • Developed and pitched sports-related story ideas
  • Conducted interviews for stories when necessary
  • Wrote sports-related articles
  • Collaborated with SB Nation editors on potential stories

The Lead Sports Media (May 2018 – Present) | The Lead Sports Media Portfolio

  • Write articles on general NBA topics
  • Write articles on Chicago Bulls-related topics for Bulls Lead
  • Run and manage the Bulls Lead Twitter account
    • Tweet quarterly game updates
    • Tweet relevant media
    • Engage with followers

The Twin Trio (April 2018 – Present) | The Twin Trio Portfolio

  • Collaborate with other owners/bloggers to create content
  • Write and edit blog posts
  • Develop blog post ideas for all bloggers
  • Manage and post content to social media accounts
  • Compose copy for social media posts
  • Take photographs to accompany blog posts
  • Create logo and graphics for blog and social media accounts

The Bulls Charge (June 2014 – September 2018) | The Bulls Charge Portfolio

Owner/Editor (May 2015-September 2018)
  • Made transition from Weebly-hosted site to own domain
  • Manage and run the blog and all social media accounts affiliated with it
  • Provide news, updates, previews, recaps, columns on necessary Chicago Bulls-related topics
Contributor (June 2014-May 2015)
  • Wrote articles, columns about any NBA-based topics
  • Posted live play-by-play tweets on @BullsChargeLive

Galerie F (February 2018) | Galerie F Portfolio

Freelance Copywriter
  • Composed description copy for the exhibition featured at the gallery

National Basketball Players Association (June – August 2017) | NBPA Portfolio

Communications Intern
  • Created online content: articles for NBPA website, posts for NBPA social media accounts
  • Supported social media specialist by posting to NBPA social media accounts, gathering social media analytics, and developing social media content
  • Reached out to NBA players’ media contacts to obtain content for social media coverage of players’ events
  • Uploaded and organized photos and videos from NBPA events for internal and external use
  • Helped give input for and created graphics
  • Organized the online agent directory to develop consistency for information provided

Illio Yearbook (September 2013 – June 2017) | Illio Yearbook Portfolio

Co-Editor-in-Chief (2016-17 school year)
  • Oversaw creation of a Top-10 “Best of Show Yearbook 300+ Pages” as named by the Associated Collegiate Press at the 2017 National College Media Convention
  • Worked with the other co-editor-in-chief to plan book and manage staff of about 20 general staff members and two assistant editors
  • Coordinated with co-managers of Illini Media to manage Illio’s budget and yearbook production
  • Hired and recruited assistant editors and staff
  • Designed yearbook cover, layout templates, modules
  • Created yearbook theme and developed accompanying elements to maintain theme throughout book
  • Planned ladder and brainstorm coverage ideas to create content that covered a campus of 44,000-plus students
  • Edited spreads: proofread copy, approve photos and layout designs
  • Submitted and edited proofs for publishing company
  • Managed and posted content to Illio’s social media accounts
    • Twitter: 400 followers; Instagram: 260-plus followers; Facebook: 800-plus likes
  • Helped advertise/promote yearbooks and senior portraits by collaborating with Illini Media marketing team
Photo Editor (2015-16 school year)
  • Oversaw and helped all staff photographers
  • Approved photos used for yearbook
Staff Photographer (2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 school years)
  • Photographed events and games for yearbook spreads
  • Assisted writer in developing captions for photos
Staff Designer (2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 school years)
  • Inputted necessary elements (photos and copy) onto spreads using the appropriate layout template(s)
Social Media Representative (2014-15, 2015-16 school years)
  • Managed and posted to the Illio’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts

NCAA Gym News (April 2017) | NCAA Gym News Portfolio

Freelance Writer
  • Provided coverage of the Illinois Regional for NCAA women’s gymnastics
    • Posted live updates of the meet on Twitter
    • Wrote a recap
  • Wrote a feature concerning the various ties between the 2016-17 Illinois and UCLA women’s gymnastics teams

Hoops Addict (May 2015 – February 2017) | Hoops Addict Portfolio

  • Pitched column ideas to editor
  • Wrote weekly columns after approval from editor

The Daily Illini (September 2013 – May 2016) | The Daily Illini Portfolio

Sports Writer
  • Pitched any Illini sports-related story and wrote after approval
  • Compiled the pop culture grid (April 2015-December 2015)
    • Came up with four questions for beat writers to ask athletes, gathered answers from writers, put together in an email to send to the sports department, emailed sports information directors for athletes’ headshots
  • Illinois women’s golf beat writer (September 2013-May 2014)
    • Wrote previews and recaps for tournaments, features on golfers
  • Illinois women’s gymnastics beat writer (January 2014-May 2014, January 2015-May 2015)
    • Wrote previews and recaps for meets, features on gymnasts
  • Sports columnist (August 2014-December 2014)
    • Wrote columns on any non-Illini sports topics

The Sports Post (September 2013 – December 2013) | The Sports Post Portfolio

NBA Writer
  • Pitched editorial story ideas to NBA editor
  • Wrote editorials on NBA-based topics

Pippen Ain’t Easy (April 2012 – November 2014) | Pippen Ain’t Easy Portfolio

Staff Writer/Social Media Manager
  • Live tweeted Chicago Bulls games on PAE’s Twitter account
  • Wrote recaps, features, and editorials on the Chicago Bulls and other NBA-related topics
  • Promoted from social media reporter to social media manager in February 2014
    • Managed the site’s Facebook and Twitter accounts

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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