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(S)Portlandia Adventures

This semester, I decided to take an overload semester just for a chance of going to Portland. As difficult as all of the school was at times, I’m glad I did it. I enrolled in a second eight-week Media course called “SportsMedia Industry Immersion” and the class was centered around a week-long trip to Portland scheduled […]

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Thank you, Captain

I thought it was over. It was already a few minutes past 2 p.m. The trade deadline had come, and it seemed as though the Bulls were standing pat despite rumored efforts to deal Pau Gasol. I kept scrolling through my Twitter timeline, though. My sports PR class still hadn’t started yet, so I figured […]

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Yes, I am both a Bulls fan and a LeBron fan

The first sport I can remember being exposed to is basketball. I didn’t grow up with cable television, so the NBA Finals was pretty much all the basketball I would watch for a good chunk of my childhood. But even then, basketball wasn’t the first sport I got involved with. Soccer was the first sport I actually played, […]

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